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Congratulations on your decision to participate in the NHSaves rebate program! The sponsors of NHSaves offer rebates on the following:

  1. ENERGY STAR® certified LED fixtures*
  2. ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators
  3. ENERGY STAR® certified electric clothes dryers
  4. ENERGY STAR® certified electric clothes washers
  5. ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifiers
  6. ENERGY STAR® certified room air purifiers
  7. ENERGY STAR® certified room air conditioners
  8. ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps (2 speed, variable speed)
  9. *Fixtures purchased at The Home Depot with an instant markdown do not qualify for the mail-in rebate. Instant discounts are available at The Home Depot for eligible fixtures.

Eligibility for new appliance purchase rebates:

  1. Valid for purchases made from 1/1/2017 - 12/31/2017. Rebate requests must be postmarked for submitted by 1/31/2018.
  2. You must be a residential electric customer of one of the participating sponsors.
  3. The eligible appliance must be installed within the New Hampshire electric service area of one of the participating sponsors.
  4. The completed rebate application must be submitted online or by mail by the specified submission deadline.
  5. Rebate is limited time offer while funds are available and may be subject to change at any time.
  6. This rebate may not be combined with any other utility offer.
  7. The rebate application must be submitted together with a copy of the first page of your most recent electric bill and a copy of the receipt for the qualifying appliance showing the model number, manufacturer, purchase date, purchase price, and name of store.

Limitation of Liability: The participating Utilities do not warrant the performance of installed equipment expressly or implicitly.

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