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Thank you for participating in Alagasco's Residential Appliance Rebate Program! Simply complete this online application and you will be on your way to receiving your appliance rebate.

Below are the eligibility requirements for residential rebates:

  • Current equipment eligible for a rebate include: Natural gas furnaces (switched from electric or propane) and natural gas water heaters.
  • Equipment must be purchased and installed in residence with an active, Alagasco account that in good standing.
  • Installation must be completed by an Alabama Certified Gasfitter.
  • Rebate shall not exceed the final purchase price or out-of-pocket expense.
  • Rebate limit per service address is $2,800 annually for appliances “switched” and $700 annually for appliances “replaced.”
  • Rebate is not available for newly constructed homes, condominiums, apartments, townhouses or commercial establishments.
  • Furnaces purchased as part of a Dual Fuel, Hybrid, or Piggyback system and furnaces “switched” from a Dual Fuel, Hybrid, or Piggyback system do not qualify.
  • Equipment purchase and installation must be completed within the timeframe set forth on the rebate application.

*"Switch" Rebates are for customers that switch qualified equipment from Electric/Propane to Natural Gas. "Replace" Rebates are for customers that replace qualified equipment from Natural Gas. Refer to and the rebate form for more details.

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If you have already submitted a rebate request and you would like a status and/or the
ability to reprint your application, please enter your email address here:

If you know the rebate number and mailing ZIP Code, you can look up its status here:

Please bookmark this page in order to check your rebate status at any point in the future.